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Start your year right, right? Well that was my device for the year 2018 too. However, the big question here is: how do you actually start your year right? With resolutions, consisting in restricting yourself with half of the things you do on a daily basis? Nah, thanks. This year I didn’t make any resolutions, except for one: do more. Travel more. Laugh more. Write more. Whatever, just more of it.

One month has passed now and I must say the ‘travel more’ resolution is going well so far: Celebrated new year’s eve in Amsterdam, visited my roommate and friend in Stuttgart, then another friend in Munich…aaand this all in the first 10 days of 2018. And now the time has come to put the ‘writing more’ resolution into practice. So here we go with a little blogpost about the time spent in Munich.

Before telling more about the city trip itself, I would like to introduce you to a way of travelling which I support and try to implement as much as possible when being on the road: connect with locals and experience the culture through their eyes.

However, it bothered me a long time that this concept is nearly impossible in case you don’t have any connections at the destination and especially the cities you’re travelling to. Luckily I found the solution to this problem: Anycity.

Anycity is a travel start up founded by two guys who support this exact idea. On their website ( you can sign up for free, find like-minded people from the destination you’re travelling to, connect with them, get tips and even meet them on your city trip if you want to!

When I visited my good friend in Munich, he had signed in as a local and showed me around the city from his perspective. In that way I didn’t even feel like a tourist but rather somebody who has lived there for a while and knows about all the hidden spots. I’d have never had the same experience without his help and local tips so I’m really happy about the discovery of Anycity. If this seems interesting to you too, then I highly recommend to just give it a try and see how your next city trip will be!J

As I already talked much about Munich without even revealing what we actually did and saw, I thought I would relieve your concentration (you’re welcome) and show you the city, as I experienced it, through a short video (see below).

Hope you’ll enjoy it and maybe we’ll see each other on Anycity soon! (I’m subscribed as a local from Luxembourg by the way)

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