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When I was thinking about drafting a little travel diary about my Finland journey this summer, I figured out that some moments I cam across during the trip couldn’t be put into words (which is oooften the case). So instead I gathered 10 captured things and moments, which made me feel like I was in the right spot at the right time. Some of them randomly made me smile, while I'll keep others in good memory. I hope you enjoy discovering these little parts of Finland through my lens!

1. Sunset at lake Märkäjärvi in Salla aka "in the middle of nowhere"

2. Reindeers (over reindeers, over reindeers..oh and reindeers)..and yes there were a lot of them and nope I couldn't stop staring every time I saw one.

3. Picking some vihta (or vasta) for the sauna. Sounds very weird but gently beating each other with a bunch of leaves in a sauna is actually very relaxing.

​4. Lemmenjoki national park views

5. Second hand shops in Tampere

​6. Sharing a drink with some random decoration at a pub again in the middle of nowhere

​7. Mustikkapiirakka (blueberry cake) and coffee; loved it!

8. Hikes after hikes

9. Long road trips through Lapland (obviously not with this car..but I liked it anyway haha)

10. Silence

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