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One of my roommates is leaving the Netherlands in a month...and the one phrase she keeps repeating is: “I want to see and do as many things as possible before I go. Honestly, Liz take the opportunity and discover the things around you, everything the Netherlands has to offer.”

And so I took her advice and joined her for a one-day trip to Rotterdam and the area around it.

The alarm clock goes off. 6:30. After one week of exams, I obviously took the ‘staying in bed all day’ possibility into consideration. But anyway, we managed to get up, prepared our snacks (for a 2 hours car ride…yep we are those kind of people) and set off.

After driving for about 230 km and passing many many windmills, we finally saw what we were searching for: surprise, some more windmills!

But these ones were special. I’m talking about the UNESCO World Heritage site, the ‘Kinderdijk windmills’. Located southeast from Rotterdam, we took the opportunity and included this touristic must do into our day trip. And for a good reason: not only the windmills were stunning but also the landscape and the views around it. Together with the ‘gracht’ and the reed, the windmills composed a stunning scenery (wayyy more beautiful than captured in my photos).

Luckily the sun just came out on time so we had the perfect conditions to fully enjoy the site. After hanging around there for a bit we sat down in the car and suddenly it started pouring again (one thing you have to get used to while living in the NL..)

BUT as you maybe know: ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ and we were lucky enough to see that silver lining or better said, rainbow (see picture below). What a good way to say goodbye.

Our journey continued as we drove to Rotterdam. We had only a few things planned in advance, so we started with the most important one: food. Rotterdam has a massive market hall, filled with little stands offering any kind of food. From different oils, to 500 sorts of beer to Asian food and much more. We felt like a little child would feel in a shop filled with candy from top to bottom: overwhelmed and unable to choose what to eat.

So instead we let us inspire and decided to enter the city centre to find a good place to spend lunchtime. We came up with a Turkish restaurant in the Witte the Withstraat, a neighbourhood filled with second hand shops, concept stores, cozy restaurants and casual bars (so definitely a street to recommend!).

The city trip went on with some vintage shopping, strolling around the streets and taking pictures along the way. Of course we had to drop by in the market hall for a coffee before heading home again. All in all, a day filled with laughter, food, new impressions and good company; all the things you can’t get enough of.

Thankfully my roomie has more trips planned, so I’m already excited about what’s to come (and hopefully you too)!

Hope you had a good weekend and can have a relaxed start into the new week. See you for my next blogpost; next week, same day, same place. Cheers!

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