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A little muddle of words

I don’t know where these lines will take me. However, what I do know for sure is that I felt the urge to write again.

To gather and collect my thoughts and put them down so I can share them and see what others think about it. Or actually no, drop that last bit. I mean, I am always happy to see and hear what others have to say about what I have to say but it should not become the main reason why I am writing. Because if that were the case, I would actually stop writing. In my opinion, opinions should never be the main motive for something you do or think. I had to remind myself of this statement again before I could start typing. Actually this exact paragraph is approximately the sixth version that I put down in my word document. I just kept writing down and deleting again, because of the fear that I would not please. But then the big realization came again and cleared things up: you cannot and should not please everybody. It would actually be boring if that was the case, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, these few lines are the beginning of something I am looking for, because I will start (or at least try) to not only write texts, blogposts and scratches which randomly pop up in my head but actually take the step and publish these little imperfections. I am not afraid of sharing what I consider as imperfect or even bad, because for others it might make sense, as it could also be the other way around. I mean, everything I put down makes completely sense in my head but must be total rubbish for others. I get that. And I also accept that. You know what? I even celebrate that! Because this is the only way to rise discussions, encourage the evolvement of deeper thoughts or even light up inspiration and motivation. And exactly the latter ones are stronger than the urge to please. So that’s the reason why I press that damn “publish” button now and put this little muddle of words out there in the big wide world web without even revising it for one time… Wow this is actually difficult… Ok let’s do it... Publish. ​​

See you around,


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